Pinturas De Impacto / Impact Paintings Crocodile Skins – New Paintings and Hearts of Hope and Love by Salazar

Alexander Salazar

Crocodile Skin Series by Salazar – Noire – is a very dramatic collection that aims to create a skin on canvas effect – in this case – a crocodile skin. Haunted by the fear of alligators and crocodiles by the artist, he has confronted his Herpetophobia on his canvas by creating a thick layer of paint that is forced to crack in the hot sun as it dries in his outdoor studio. It is difficult to hold back from touching the canvas/skin as each thick crack certainly feels like a crocodile skin.

Impact Series by Salazar is the collection of paintings that the artist is most recognized for. Large and Bold – the series grabs the viewer’s attention and will not let go until you have followed each paints movement as it explodes onto the canvas. Each painting in this series is created at his large outdoor studio allowing the elements of water dew from the morning and the hot afternoon sun to create a natural slow crackling effect throughout the painting.

Alejandro Rojas Salazar was born in Houston, Texas in 1973. His artistic career is coupled with a business career as a gallery owner and curator. Salazar has a Masters Degree in Theology and Art from Harvard University, and a Masters Degree in Sociology and Art from Boston College. As an undergraduate student at The Colorado College, Salazar moved to London, England then Florence, Italy to immerse himself in Art. It was then when he made the decision to dedicate his life and passion to ART. After graduate studies in 2001 – Salazar moved to California and has worked hard to establish himself as part of the San Diego Art Community. Salazar lives and creates in his home studio in Chula Vista, CA.

Hearts of Hope and Love b Salazar is a collection of paintings that the artist started pre-covid and immersed himself during his quarantine. At the start of the quarantine the artist found himself dealing with loneliness and depression – something artists around the world faces when galleries and studios shut down. To combat the situation he painted hearts daily and sold them to help pay the bills and survive. Each Heart of Hope is a testimony and reminder to not lose Hope during COVID-19.

Gallery 21 Show Dates:

June 18, 2021 – June 28, 2021

Artist Opening Reception:

Saturday, June 19, 2021

5 pm – 8 pm


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